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This started as an idea from the Foley Family to leverage their personal network to bring some relief to the families affected by Hurricane Sandy.

As such it is a grassroots, part time endeavor. We will respond to questions as fast as we can.  Thank you for any assistance and donations you can help with.

We can be reached via email at:

If you are concerned about our authenticity feel free to contact any of the business drop off locations. They all know our family personally.


3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Foley Family,

    The Hills and Falls Nursery School would like to host a drive this week. Anything in particular you would like or need us to do? Ideally, where and when would you like us to drop off any donated items?

    Thanks for organizing this relief effort!

    Alix Campbell
    Hills and Falls Board of Directors

    • Alix,
      Thank you for your willingness to help! May we add Hills and Falls as a drop off location on our website as well?

      The drop off is at our home, which I’ll send privately via email shortly. Also, I’ll include a flyer you can use as the school.

      Thank you for your help on this effort!


      -Sean and Suzanne Foley

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