What’s a Karma Truck?

Everyone can use a little extra good Karma. What if you can create it? Fill a truck with goodwill and deliver it where it’s needed most?

This started when our family decided to ask our personal network of friends, neighbors and families to join us in filling a rental truck with items that can provide some relief to a disaster stricken area. We’ll collect for a short, concentrated period then drive the truck where it needs to go and provide goods directly to smaller relief organizations.

At this time, this is not any sort of “official charity.” You will get no receipt for your ┬ádonation. This is just one American family, asking others to help fill up a truck with needed goods and create some Karma for other American families in need.

Everyone can use a little extra Karma. Some day, you may need a lot. But you need to give some to get some.

Our Current Mission: Deliver Hurricane Relief from Boston to NYC

What will you put on the Karma Truck?

7 thoughts on “What’s a Karma Truck?

  1. Hi,
    I have baby clothes from 0-12 mos. Including 2 snow suits.
    I can also donate clothes from size 12 -18.
    Please let me know if and when I can donate.
    This is such an awesome idea.

    Keisha Turner

  2. Canned goods
    Gently used kids outerwear

    Tell me where to drop off??? Thanks for organizing!!! Good karma back to you!

  3. what a wonderful thing. i always belived that the universe will reciprocate back w love and kindess..i live 10 minutes away from Wasiks! I have blankets and a rolling suitcase filled w clothes for who ever needs it.. womens shoes size 7.5 and young boys sneakers size 2 and 3

  4. Hi there, I just received a mail failure notice when I tried to reach out about being a drop off location. Please let me know if there’s a better way to reach out. We would love to work with you! – Katie, Whole Foods Wayland